Backpacks or Messenger Bags: Which is the Better Choice for Carrying Laptops?

Unfortunately men don’t really have too many regular options for carrying their laptops. Two main choices that are usually put in front of men are backpacks and messenger bags. Irrespective of whether you work at one of the coffee shops, go to college or happen to be a working professional, you always need something that can help you in safely transporting your laptop from one place to another.

Considerations for Buying the Laptop Bags

Two important factors should be kept under consideration while buying a laptop bag. They are comfort and style. Ask yourself questions like whether you walk or drive to your workplace or college. See if you require a formal looking laptop bag or a casual one would also do, also think if it snows or rains a lot where you go to work. Answers to such questions are very important for what laptop bag you finally purchase.

Style Matters!

Let us begin the discussion with style. This is where messenger bags take all the brownies points, while typical backpacks lag behind. Usually, backpacks are not very professional looking compared to messenger bags and this is the reason why they are not the best choices for business people. That being said, today there are some business professionals who don’t mind leather backpacks for their official use.

Try the Messenger Bags

Messenger bags, on the other hand, are extremely popular in terms of style as right from gear manufacturers all the way up to the top most designers have all paid attention to construction methods, paneling, overall style, materials used and design details. Some of these designs work well for college students and some trendy luxury items can suit even the needs of the CEOs. A lot of these messenger bags are made of brown or black leather and sometimes even black textiles; these are great for professionals. So, in terms of style it is the messenger bags that win the competition.

Don’t Compromise on the Comfort

Moving on to comfort, you should first decide how far you carry your luggage every day. If you are just carrying your laptop bag from your home to office then it is no big deal for you. There are many stylish messenger bags that are now made with enough foam. This gives them a shape that is comfortable to your body. That being said, backpacks are still much better to carry your laptop for longer distances. The weight distribution in case of backpacks much more even and no one of your shoulders is overly burdened.

Look Out for Added Features

Some of the backpacks also come with added waist and chest straps. If you are always biking to your destination, then there is nothing better than backpacks, especially if they have chest and waist straps. Some of the messenger bags come with an extra strap that can be used for fastening the bag under the armpits but they still don’t match the comfort offered by backpacks.

Don’t Forget the Weight

You also have to consider the weight of your laptop bag. If it is always heavy, then a messenger bag is certainly not for you as it may cause long-term posture related issues.

So, if comfort is your priority then backpacks are certainly the way to go!

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